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One person in three suffers from the injustice of poverty.
Millions of lives are threatened in humanitarian crises caused by drought, floods, natural disasters and conflict.

Join us today and help end the injustice of poverty and suffering.

I can be any one, blossom life in the deep south
I can be anyone, blossom of the deep south

When Rotiya lost the husband she had to become the breadwinner for her family. Oxfam provided the business skill to her to build a new business with a sustainability livelihood.Now her life has changed for the better.

International Women Day
Oxfam in Thailand and women networks in the deep south call on the Islamic Committee and Government to work together to improve legal accountability and reduce violence against women

A seminar was held in Narathiwat Province to explore bottlenecks of using Thai and Islamic laws in the conflict area to improve policy and implementation demanding “Increasing accountability of religious and governmental institutions to reduce violence against women in the Deep South”.

Love is just a crazy for Cheng

This Valentine's Day is a special year for Cheng, Pakwan Pinitkitjawat. It is her first year of sending her love to people she works for as Supporter Relations Officer with Oxfam Thailand Foundation.

Oxfam shop
Oxfam take steps to strengthen the "Safeguarding" policies and practices

The Oxfam GB Chair of Trustees addressed the aftermath situation in Haiti 2011 on 'sexual misconduct' by the Oxfam staffs. This is our announcing on our prevention and handling of sexual abuse case in order to raise our confident and value from the public again. 

i care, change for the better
Changing for the better

Oxfam Thailand Foundation launched its first public fundraising under the theme “I Care, Change for the better” with Shahkrit Yamnarm, a well known actor and chef from a famous TV show “Krua law tae Krit” who lent his support for our work supporting the poor Fisherfolk  and  the women affected by the conflict in the Deep South at Fashion Island shopping mall on March 18. 

Join our event on "I Care, Change for the better" with Oxfam Thailand and Chakrit Yamnam

A well known actor and chef, Chakrit Yamnam, will join the activity to support the fishfer folk Project. Presenting a special recipe created by Charkit with the seafood products which are clean, fresh and non creminal from the Fisherfolk Project. Apart from this, let unlock a life of those women who are part of thousand of people affected by the 12 years of unrests in the three southernmost provinces under WANITA Project.

Photo Credit: Ajjana Wajidee
Help bring peace to families affected by conflict in the Deep South

The conflict in the Deep South has claimed nearly 6,000 lives. Families have lost their fathers and now mothers are left alone to fend for themselves as daily, they struggle to feed and protect their children. 

Read Rosnaning’s account of the day that bullets rang out and write your very own life -changing story that brings hope and peace for struggling women and their families.

Eat, Drink, Learn, Earn

Everyone has the right to have enough food to eat, to have clean safe water to drink, to have an education and to earn a living to support their families.

Oxfam exists because for too many poor people, these basic needs are not being met.

Watch this short film to see how your support can help lift someone out of poverty.

A quick response saves lives when the earthquake struck Nepal

In 2015 two earthquakes struck Nepal and devastated lives on an unprecedented scale. Over 8,500 people lost their lives and more than half a million homes were destroyed, most of them in rural areas cut off from emergency relief.

Oxfam responded with 24 hours with life saving aid to thousands of those affected, with water, sanitation and food.

And after the immediate crisis was over, Oxfam stayed on to help rebuild the lives of those affected.